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The Dance frame (plate) is the exclusive frame designed specifically for the disciplines of dance (style, free, and couples). This can be successfully utilized also in group disciplines (quartet, precision, and show group). * The uniqueness of the trucks’ inclination ensures the greatest accuracy on edges and excellent maneuverability and stability in the execution of dance movements such as clusters and traveling sequences *Differentiation between right and left frame, which facilitates the athlete in generating speed while pushing * “Click-action” mechanism that allows for heightened precision with truck-adjustment, maintaining their orientation even during more complex movements and skating * Frame derived from a drawn Ergal bar, and completely created using computer numerical control (CNC) machining * 13m king-pins inclined to 18° with traditional trim * Elastomer cushions available in 5 hardnesses (colors) *Aluminum trucks with 7mm steel axles and adjustable locking screw *Toestop and tool kit included