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The Ice wheels are the sole wheels designed exclusively for the disciplines of dance (Style, Free, Couples). They can also be used successfully for group disciplines (Quartet, Precision, Show Group)
  • Given their characteristics, these wheels have been equipped with a rigid hub which supports the polyurethane tread
  • The unique design of the grooved profile is the innovative feature that renders the Ice a very smooth and agile wheel, but at the same time silent and able to guarantee excellent grip when necessary
  • The rounded finish allows for use in competitions with a minimal adjustment time
  • Available in five hardnesses (colors) and one diameter: 61mm
  • Available in sets of 8 wheels

DIAMETER 61mm - HARDNESS 88 / 90 / 92 / 95 / 97 Shore A
NOTE: Being made of polyurethane, the Ice wheels are graded with the Shore scale A.

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